Our Services

Investigative Services 

Activity Checks

Address confirmation, assessment of residence, feasibility of additional investigation and neighborhood canvas as needed. This type of investigation is typically done in four hour blocks. Should the subject be active video documentation may be obtained.


We obtain recorded / non-recorded both in person or by telephone.  We provide a comprehensive question format or can tailor the questions to your specific needs. Interviews can be information gathering based or confrontational.

We offer statement services regarding the following investigations:

  • Personal Lines Insurance
  • Commercial
  • Accidents
  • Injury Claims
  • Workers Compensation
  • Legal Matters

It is recommended that all parties to the investigation be interviewed in person whenever possible. Our investigation will assist in identifying, locating, contacting and obtaining statements from all parties. Parties to the investigation will include, but are not limited to the subject, spouse, witnesses, police, tow truck drivers, employers and co-workers.

A detailed report and transcription of the statement will be provided. All statements are recorded digitally to provide the best possible sound quality for our clients.


We conduct surveillance in the most comprehensive and covert fashions.  Digital quality video documentation of your claimant’s physical, social, and work-related activities. We document the nature of your subject’s abilities, physical presentation and activities.

Legal Investigations

PIR understands the unique needs of attorneys. We conduct pre-trial investigations as needed.

Our Legal Investigations can include:

  • Person Locator
  • Witness Statements
  • Process Serving
  • Accident Scene Diagrams & Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Medical Provider Investigations & Clinic Visits

Social Media Investigations

We conduct in depth social media investigations to determine visibility, presence and potential activities of the subject.  We only access information available to the public.  Online research is critical in determining how to begin an investigation and obtain optimal results.

Witness Location / Process Serving

PIR Inc. specializes in locating difficult to find individuals.  Data Base research, Online research and filed work are some of the efforts we deploy to find witnesses or serve papers.

Accident Scene / Scene Canvas

Our staff is aggressive in locating critical information through scene canvas and accident scene documentation.  This type of investigation is critical in the resolution of difficult claims.

Alive and Well Checks

Permanent total, catastrophic and TBI claims often need these types of investigations to determine extent and viability of the claimant.  These investigations include online research, data base and in person assessment.  Subjects are typically interviewed in person and without prior knowledge.

Employment / Employer

PIR Inc conducts on site investigations for Employers.  Investigations include interviews, photo/video documentation,  scene diagrams and interviews.  In some instances, surveillance is conducted.

Additionally, pre-employment investigations, background research, criminal history and other types of inquiry are performed at the request of Employers.

Internal Investigations

Internal investigations allow for information, assessment and volatile situations to be investigated by objective PIR staff.  Organizations can benefit from an “outside” perspective on issues and circumstances.

Domestic Relations

Comprehensive/objective domestic relations investigations are performed.

Other Investigations

PIR is able to adapt investigative techniques and skill as needed to unique situations. Please contact PIR Inc. to discuss your unique situations.